Concept Art

Some artworks I made today.


Sketch & Speedpainting


Low Poly

Concept Art

Matte Painting Demoreel

A presentation of my matte painting work.
You can find a better quality video by clicking on the following link.

Music: "To Rid the Disease" Opeth

Canyon W.I.P: Part 3 - Final Render

And finally, here come the final version of this matte painting.
I made small adjustements on the painting, added some details to the 3D geometry and made the final compositing in Nuke.
I learned a lot of new techniques during all the process of creation and I hope you will enjoy it.
(Thanks to Blogspot's video treatment for killing all my color correction.)
See you...

PS: You can find a better quality video of this matting by clicking on the following link ==>

Canyon W.I.P: Part 2 - Camera mapping

First mapping test.
I test the animation of the camera in order to see which part of the geometry need more details. In this case we can see some small white areas around the background mountain and I need to add a little more edge on the cliff of the foreground mountain too.

Canyon W.I.P: Part 1 - 3D geometry

Here is the first step of the creation of the camera map system in Maya.
I use the painting made in photoshop as an image plane and I create a simple rough geometry which will receive the matte painting projection.
Let's try to keep it as simple as possible and let the matte painting work for us.

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